Panasonic Hair Dryer, EHNE83 (2500 W)

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Brand : Panasonic


The Panasonic EH-NE83 Power Air Hair Dryer is designed to provide powerful, fast drying for precise, smooth styling, it features Power Air technology developed by expert Panasonic engineers which combines a high wattage motor and a streamlined interior which maximises airflow on the inside to generate a powerful airflow With 2500 W of power, the strong airflow dries your hair faster, saving time, its Concentrator Nozzle is also wide enough to dry a whole section of hair, making it easy to blow out your hair using a brush This Hair Dryer doesn’t only dry your hair fast, it also coats it with ions, leaving your hair smooth and shiny, these ions coat the surface of your hair with moisture, delivering a smooth and frizz-free finish, also, it neutralise the hair’s positive electrical charge to settle your hair and make it smoother Panasonic’s expert engineers are aware that ions are heat sensitive and as a result they have created this innovative design which features an external ion outlet that enables a steady stream of ions to be delivered to your hair as you are using the dryer Has a Heat Protection Mode that allows you to protect your hair from excessive heat, without compromising on power, this mode ensures a powerful airflow at a gentle temperature to protect your hair and scalp from heat damage Panasonic hair dryer provides a choice of 3 temperatures and 2 speed modes to accommodate your preference and styling needs and with a cool-shot button to keep your style intact With its balanced design, means that you don’t feel the weight of the Hair Dryer, even during usage, its comfortable switch shape allows for easy, stress-free control when switching between settings Has a smooth sliding switch design that reduces stress on your fingers and fingernails, allowing you to adjust the air volume with a light touch and the angle of its handle allows for ease of use when uses point the dryer towards them It also features an easy-to-clean removable filter for easy maintenance and always deliver a shiny, smooth, frizz-free hair in minimal time

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