Smeg Freestanding Portofino 6-Burner Gas Cooker, CPF9GMWH (90 x 90 x 60 cm)

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Brand : Smeg


Smeg Freestanding Portofino 6-Burner Gas Cooker, CPF9GMWH with maximum thermal insulation and optimal energy performance are guaranteed by the unique shape of the cavity The gas cooker's cavity also helps reducing pre-heating time 392°F are reached in just 8 minutes, a time saving of 50% compared to a standard oven By activating the Turbo function, this gas cooker can cook two pizzas simultaneously, in just 4 minutes The Portofino gas cooker features a new extra-large 126-liter oven capacity, offering increased space and versatility for those wanting to optimize cooking times for several dishes placed in the oven simultaneously, without mingling flavors and odors Gas cooker with triple fan technology where the oven is equipped with an exclusive three fan system, which, combined with the increased power of the motors, enables excellent cooking performance. The two large side fans distribute the air around the outer perimeter of the cavity while the smaller central fan increases ventilation by creating a vertical vortex of heat Isothermic proof cavity is characterized by its unique shape, with rounded corners and smooth, uniform walls, for maximum thermal insulation and optimal energy performance The solid cast-iron grids cover the whole hob, creating a harmonious and ergonomic surface onto which pots can be placed and moved safely and securely. In addition to providing a highly professional look, this gas cooker ensure excellent performance, which remains unaffected over time The gas cooker's burners are uniquely designed with different flame arrangements, and offer superior performance Form the smallest to the most powerful ultrarapid burner, the Portofino gas cooker can be used for a host of applications Make cleaning an easier task by simply putting a little water and detergent into the hollow of the oven base to generate vapor and release burnt on food from the walls of the oven Smeg offers genuine design icons where style and elegance go hand in hand with high performance, user-friendliness and minimal consumption. This product comes with standard manufacturer warranty

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