Siemens iQ100 Built-In 4 Zones Induction Hob, EU611BEB1E (5.1 x 59.2 x 52.2 cm)

Price : 2699.00 AED

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Brand : Siemens


You can control your hob with a simple touch of a finger with the touchControl, select the cooking zone and the power level with ease The powerBoost function increases power by up to 50%, this can save up to 35% of the time it takes to heat up pots or cook large quantities With countDown function that safely shuts off the cooking zone when the selected cooking time expires and powerManagement with automatic pan recognition sensor  With the childproof lock button, you can quickly and easily protect each induction hob against unauthorized operation, the childproof lock blocks all the hob's functions at the touch of a button, locking is cleared by pressing the button again and holding down for a few seconds Siemens iQ100 Built-In electric hob features seamless framework design, finish in sleek black glass is very easy to clean and maintain, nice appearance but functional With 4 cooking zones and plenty of space, has outstanding layout that will stop your pans fighting for space when you want all zones on the go at the same time, makes cooking a feast much more enjoyable Has 17 power levels, giving you greater control over cooking temperature that will meet all your needs of delicate heating accuracy The induction cook hob caters for all kinds of cooking pots, iron, aluminum, ceramic, stainless steel, copper and even heat-resistant glass This induction hob features frameless tempered black glass top for effortless cleaning and maintenance without crevices to hold residue, ensuring you a neat and tidy kitchen space This product comes with standard manufacturer warranty

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