Hoover Freestanding 5-Burner Gas Cooker W/Electric Oven, FGC9042-3DE (90 x 60 x 85 cm)

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Brand : Hoover


Hoover Freestanding 5-Burner Gas Cooker, FGC9042-3DE effortlessly prepare all your favorite meals, with its high energy rating, you’ll find it really economical to run, prepare food, fry meat with top/ bottom heating, cast iron pan support and self-timer, this gas cooker is easy to clean and space-savvy The gas cooker's main conventional oven is perfect for traditional dishes as heat rises inside, so it makes sure every sponge cake is deliciously fluffy and every joint of meat is lovely and tender, it also has a handy grill which makes short work of crisping up bacon for a tasty BLT, or preparing quick snacks like cheese on toast, thanks to the easy-to-use rotary dials, it’s really simple to adjust the settings too This gas cooker has a 142-liter oven capacity and with 4 burners including the 2 hot plate cookers, this gas cooker is built to cook for a feast, because of its numerous cooking options, you will have all the time to cook anything simultaneously This Hoover gas cooker offers a lot of cooking space, burners are strategically spaced so you won't have the problem of cooking with large pot and pans, this cooker got you covered The gas cooker is built from durable, high-quality material, this gas cooker can service your family for a longer term with minimal to no maintenance at all The top oven is lined in stainless steel, which prevents spills and splashes from burning to the surface and therefore makes wiping them away quick and easy and the hob is ultra-smooth and, as the controls are located on the front of the cooker, there's nowhere for the dirt to hide, so you'll be able to clean up in no time With built-in hob lid to protect the burners against any damage and to keep it looking neat and compact when not in use This product comes with standard manufacturer warranty

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